Which One Should You Choose: Differences Between Nylon Lens & Polarized Lens

by BrightDr. on Jul 05, 2022

Which One Should You Choose: Differences Between Nylon Lens & Polarized Lens

The difference between nylon lenses and polarized lenses is that they have different materials, different uses and different processing technieque.


1. Different materials

Nylon lenses: the material of nylon lenses is transparent polyamide, a new variety of polyamide.

Polarized lens: TAC polarized lens is usually used.


2, Different uses

Nylon lenses: nylon lenses are mostly used in sports brand sunglasses and high quality sunglasses, more suitable for sports or professional Protection personnel glasses.

Polarized lenses: most suitable for outdoor sports, driving, or activities on sea like skiing, fishing, etc. It can help people filter out the oncoming high beam when driving, and can make fishing enthusiasts see the fish drift on the water.


3、Different processing technique

Nylon lens: no scattering of visible light, by introducing side groups in the molecular chain to destroy the regularity of the molecule and inhibit the generation of crystals, thus obtaining transparent polyamide.

Polarized lenses. The special effect of polarized lenses is to effectively block and filter scattered light from the light beam. This allows light to be put into the visual image of the eye in the proper transmission axis, resulting in a clear and natural field of vision.

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