Why do we need sports sunglasses and how to choose best sports sunglasses for yourself

by BrightDr. on Aug 24, 2022

Why do we need sports sunglasses and how to choose best sports sunglasses for yourself
What sunglasses should be used for sports, leaving aside the brand factor, the price of sunglasses range from a few dozen dollars to several hundred dollars price. There is also a big difference between the various grades of sports sunglasses. Different sports sunglasses also focus on different features. Everyone has different preferences and different needs. So it is important to know what sports sunglasses are and how to choose the right sports sunglasses.
One, the function of sports sunglasses classification
Outdoor sports are rich and diverse, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping and so on, so for different sports, the functional needs of sports glasses are different, so there are also different kinds of sports sunglasses.
Different sports should be equipped with its professional sports sunglasses, such as for those engaged in intense extreme sports, should be equipped with sports safety glasses, to have safety (PC lenses), protection (TR-90 frame), comfort (non-slip nose pad and foot cover), beautiful (with sports, casual clothing with) effectiveness; for the wind and sand stronger areas of sports enthusiasts, windproof glasses only for long-term sports In the outside world; for the needs of myopic sports enthusiasts, myopic sports glasses came out more they bring the gospel; there is a long period of sunlight under the sport, you need to buy polarized sports glasses; for mountaineering enthusiasts, the snow on the mountains reflect light strongly, easy to damage the eyes, you can wear snow goggles.
UV rays in outdoor sports are relatively strong, blinding light can cause headaches and great damage to the eyes. Sports sunglasses will have a certain effect of filtering ultraviolet rays, so as to protect the eyes from harm in outdoor sports.
Second, the lens color choice of sports sunglasses
Many friends in the choice of sunglasses, often pay more attention to the product price, quality and style, in fact, the choice of sunglasses lens color is also very important. First of all, the best overall sunglasses lens color color is teal, gray and green and other light-colored lenses, visual effects and better protection. Of course, if it is just as makeup or with, can choose bright lens color to highlight their own charm.
Teal: teal is recognized as the best lens color in sunglasses, it can absorb almost 100% of ultraviolet and infrared rays; and soft tones make visual comfort, so that the eyes are not easily fatigued.
Gray: can completely absorb infrared rays, as well as most of the ultraviolet rays, and does not change the original color of the scene.
Green: absorbs all infrared rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays, cyan and red rays are also blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene is changed after the green lenses.
Yellow: yellow lenses can absorb 100% of ultraviolet light and most of the blue light, the scenery seen will be clearer, so in hunting, shooting, with yellow lenses as a filter is more common.
Red: red sunglasses lenses are better at blocking some of the shorter wavelengths of light, while other protective effects are lower than the other three color systems. In addition, special emphasis on pure blue lenses sunglasses try not to choose, pure blue lenses will pick out harmful blue light into the eye, is not conducive to eye health.
Third, the choice of sports sunglasses lenses
Sunglasses lens color depth is divided into 15%, 34%, 50%, 70%, 15% of indoor and outdoor can be worn, the lens requirements of the degree of the most suitable, 34% for ordinary outdoor environment, 50% for hot sun and seaside, 70% belong to the special purpose such as welding. The color depth of the lenses only affects the degree of absorption of visible light and has nothing to do with the UV protection capacity. The UV protection capacity is only related to the lens material, and space lenses are the best.
It is so important to choose a pair of sunglasses that meet your sporting needs. Careful selection is also a responsible attitude towards yourself.

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