Everything You Need To Know About Sunglasses Syndrome

by BrightDr. on Aug 16, 2022

Everything  You Need To Know About Sunglasses Syndrome

There are more people wearing sunglasses in summer. Some have replaced their nearsighted glasses with color-changing lenses as well. Wear them on your eyes all day long. There are even some young people who wear sunglasses all day and all night as an ornament in order to pursue fashion.
After doing this for a long time will make vision decline, blurred vision, serious headaches, dizziness, eye pain and other symptoms. Medical experts call this symptom "sunglasses syndrome".

The condition is characterized by a variety of discomfort, such as a distinct numbness and tingling sensation in the area around the eyes near the nose in the early stages, more pronounced when breathing, much like a cold, and a feeling of small bugs crawling around the face, numbness in the upper jaw gums, discomfort in the upper incisors, skin inflammation due to poor local blood circulation, sore eyes and vision loss.

Physiological anatomy shows that there is a small hole below the eye called the infraorbital foramen. This foramen contains an important nerve branch, the infraorbital nerve of the trigeminal nerve. It is located in the skin between the cleft of the eye and the nose and is responsible for sensory functions. The weight of the sunglasses and the pressure point of the rim on the infraorbital nerve can lead to discomfort in the nerve distribution area, mostly after 2-3 weeks of wearing sunglasses.

To prevent sunglasses syndrome, it is important to correctly select and reasonably use sunglasses. Do not choose the cheap sunglasses sold on the street stalls. Cheap sunglasses are made very rough, the lens thickness is not uniform, the color is not uniform, optical performance is very poor, and easy to cause headaches, eye pain, fatigue and other discomfort. Often wear this poor quality sunglasses, it is easy to lead to vision loss.

Secondly, as far as possible, do not wear large sunglasses. If you have to wear them, shorten the time you wear them. And massage 10-20 times with your palm along the eye frame and both sides of the nose after taking them off.

Once the symptoms of sunglasses syndrome have appeared, you should stop wearing sunglasses.

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