The relationship between sunglasses and skin tone, nose and eyes

by BrightDr. on Aug 15, 2022

The relationship between sunglasses and skin tone, nose and eyes

Matching sunglasses with skin tone
Fair-skinned people have a wide range of choices, basically dark and light-colored sunglasses can be worn to good effect. People with darker skin tones would do well to choose dark sunglasses, such as black and gray, which will make the skin tone appear brighter.

Sunglasses and nose match
People with larger noses should choose larger frames to balance them out. Smaller frames will make the nose more prominent.
For people with longer noses, frames with wide rims can distract attention forward or upward so the nose doesn't stand out as much. Also, frames with a double-layer design on the bridge of the nose will make the nose appear shorter.
For smaller noses, which are smaller than the rest of the nose, lighter colors and frames with higher nosepieces can make the nose appear longer and more slender.

Matching sunglasses with eyes
Different positions of the eyes in the lenses will give different impressions. Generally speaking, eyes that are too far up will look lethargic. If they are too far down, they look funny. It is best to divide the frame in half horizontally, with the eyes slightly above the center line. The eye position can be changed by adjusting the nosepiece and the temples on the frame. Also, people with smaller eyes are better off with darker lenses, while people with larger eyes are less restricted.

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