Everything About Oversized Sunglasses You Should Know

by BrightDr. on Aug 09, 2022

Everything About Oversized Sunglasses You Should Know
The oversized sunglasses are generally more suitable for some
people who have round faces to wear, because the frame is large and when worn on a large and round face, they will form a relatively sharp contrast with the face. Usually this will make people's face look smaller.
The oversized sunglasses are so popular nowadays, because these glasses have a higher face shape, the rim of its frame looks much slimmer, plus the overall metal feel, so many people feel that this style of sunglasses has a cool feeling when having them on the face.
In fact, not all face shapes are suitable to wear such large frame sunglasses, such as square face. Square face shape and this round frame large frame glasses do not match. Wearing them will make square-face people feel a sense of incongruity. In terms of matching, square face is more suitable for the frame more obvious square glasses.
In fact, not only is the round face suitable for wearing oversized sunglasses, triangle face can also wear, but the general triangle face is relatively small, and then wearing oversized sunglasses will sometimes look like the whole person some uncoordinated. And because the lens is relatively large, reflective degree is also relatively high, wearing them for a long time is easy to feel some uncomfortable, so do not recommend wearing time too long.

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