What are the glasses chains for?

by BrightDr. on Sep 02, 2022

What are the glasses chains for?
Firstly, to prevent glasses from falling off, glasses chains can be connected to the temples of glasses, hanging on the neck when you do not want to bring glasses, take off the glasses can hang on the neck, in a way, if the glasses accidentally fall, will not fall on the ground, but hang on the neck in the trend.

Secondly, the glasses chain as a fashion accessory also plays a decorative role, in many shows or other celebrities often appear in the place, often found on their glasses are generally decorated with glasses chain, which has gradually become a retro trend in the fashion industry.

Eyeglass chains all have two hooks, just snap the hooks on the legs of the glasses, put the chain on the neck from the back of the neck, and put on the glasses. Glasses chain is mainly to prevent glasses accidentally fall, of course, also played a decorative role, however, few people now use, now everyone wears contacts, or glasses, almost no longer use glasses chain.

The eyeglass chain plays a non-slip role, which is to prevent the process of wearing glasses, glasses suddenly slipped, so that wearing glasses is safer, in fact, when wearing glasses, is not suitable for a large number of activities, if you play sports, such as running, you can take off the glasses, to prevent the glasses from falling off while wearing.

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