Advises On Taking Nice Photos With Sunglasses

by BrightDr. on Jul 04, 2022

Advises On Taking Nice Photos With Sunglasses

As we know, sunglasses are not only used to block the sun, but they are also good looking fashion accessories. It's easy to be cool and handsome while putting on a pair of sunglasses. So, how to wear sunglasses to take good-looking photos? This is a question that has been of interest to everyone.

In order to reflect your unique charm as much as possible, we have summarized the following guidelines based on our years of experience in fashion concept art to help you take photos with personal aesthetics that meet the public's preferences, and we hope they will be helpful.


  1. Include a close-up of your face above the neck.

     Such a photo can maximize the impact of wearing sunglasses on your face, your three-dimensional features will also become more vivid, and the charming expression can tell stories. Be sure to take a close-up of your face to let your charm emanate instantly. This kind of photo can best show how handsome and cool you look when you are wearing sunglasses.

     2. Half body photo

Half-body photos can make your image more vivid, you can pose in various nice poses and then capture that moment. Half-body photos can see your face and a certain scene, and can be made into various poster-style photos that fans will love.

    3. Full body photo

Full-body photos can perfectly show your unique fashion taste, from sunglasses to shoes, from attitude to pose. Full-body photos are the best interpretation of your personality label.

There are also the following tips to make your pictures more attractive.

  1. Do not backlight. It is difficult to capture the beautiful lines of your face with backlighting.

      2. Pure background. Pure backgrounds, such as beaches, bokeh street scenes, sky, grass, etc., can make people's eyes focus more on you.

      3. Take photos in bright. Natural light or bright light will make your photos more comfortable and impressive.

      4. Shooting with right angles. Please do not shoot from above, or make your photos tilted. You can use some photography props, such as cell phone stands, to make your photos more reflect your unique charm.



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