Everything You Need To Know About Photochromic Lenses

by BrightDr. on Jul 06, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic lenses are actually very popular a long time ago. These lenses are made of optical glass containing silver halide microcrystals, according to the principle of reversible reaction of photochromic interchange. in daylight and ultraviolet radiation can quickly darken, completely absorb ultraviolet light, neutral absorption of visible light; back to the dark, can quickly restore colorless transparent. So it is very convenient to wear. But in fact it is bad for some people to wear photochromic glasses. Followed is the explanation.

The benefits of different colors of photochromic lenses

1, Gray lenses: they can absorb infrared rays and 98% of ultraviolet rays. The big advantage of gray lenses is that it does not make the original color of the scene change , and it is also satisfying is that it can be very effective in reducing the intensity of light. The gray lenses absorb all colors in a balanced way, so that the scene is only darkened, but there is no significant chromatic aberration, revealing a true natural feeling. It is a neutral color, which is suitable for all people.

2, Brown lenses: brown lenses can absorb 100% of ultraviolet light, filter out a lot of blue light, and improve visual contrast and clarity, so popular with the wearer. They are especially effective in serious air pollution or foggy conditions with better results. They are ideal for drivers because they can block the reflected light from smooth and shiny surfaces, and the wearer can still see the subtle parts. For middle-aged and elderly nearsighted or farsighted person, you can give priority to get yourself a pair of brown lenses photochromic glasses.

3, Green lenses: green lenses, as gray lenses, can be effective in absorbing infrared light and 99% of ultraviolet light. In the absorption of light at the same time, a large increase in the green light reaching the eyes, so there is a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for people whose eyes are easily fatigued.

4, Pink lenses: pink is a very common color. Pink lenses can absorb 95% of UV rays. If they are used as corrective vision glasses, ladies who often wear them should better choose light red lenses, because the light red lenses on the UV absorption function is better, and can make the overall light intensity reduced, so the wearer will feel more comfortable.

5, Yellow lenses: they can absorb 100% of the ultraviolet light, and allows infrared and 83% of the visible light through the lens. The big feature of yellow lenses is that they absorb most of the blue light. Because when the sun shines travel through the atmosphere, they mainly appear in blue light (which can explain why the sky is blue). The yellow lenses absorb blue light and make the natural world clearer, so they are often used as "filters" or by hunters when hunting.

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