The History of Aviator

by BrightDr. on Dec 15, 2021

The History of Aviator
The aviator is known as the most distinguishable style of sunglasses in the world and it has slim metal frames and teardrop-shaped lenses which can cover most of the face.
  The aviator born out of a practical need which is in response to the airline industry’s problems. The pilots have a new challenge when climbing the unprecedented height. However, they have headaches and feel uncomfortable with high altitude, and they have to wear thick full-face goggles in order to maintain the vision clearly. John Macready said that his companion’s eyes are swollen when taking off the goggles at 33000 feet. Therefore, he began cooperate with Bauch & Lomb company to seek the solution of protecting the pilots’ s eyes.
In 1930, he developed the first pair of sunglasses in the world. Not only can it protect their eyes which can prevent the glare and ultraviolet rays, but also can maintain the comfortable and clear vision favored by pilots. In 1937, the sunglasses were put on the market. Surprisingly, it was found that it has the significant meaning in absorbing the sunlight and visibility and then gradually was introduced in the US army. During the Second World War, the army entered many counties and regions in the world wearing the sunglasses, giving people a heroic and chic impression.
People began to realize the sunglasses’ potentiality of fashion and the functionality after war. They began to appear on the faces of celebrities not only for athletes and the military.In the mid 80s, Tom Cruise's classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in Top Gun sparked a new ray-Ban craze. Later, in recognition of outstanding contribution to fashion, the American Fashion Association presented with the prestigious Design Award.
  Nowadays, the aviator is so classic which has turned into a fashion accessory as well as a necessity in our lives. Timeless design, simple style and quality style have undoubtedly become the important elements of the aviator after nearly 70 years.

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