How to Purchase Rx Glasses Online

by Dr. Bright on Dec 29, 2021

How to Purchase Rx Glasses Online
It is easy for you to place the order on the internet nowadays, not only does it cost less than shopping in the traditional store, but also you can choose more trendy and modern glasses.You may also have the trouble in buying glasses which is a little tedious. But our guide will make the process easier, just read on.
Step 1: Have optometry and know your eyes' prescription
You have to know your prescription and measurements before buying glasses online. And it is essential to know your pupil distance in order that the details will make you have a clearer and more comfortable vision with your new glasses. The PD can be measured by yourself and your eye care professional.
Step 2: Choose the frames
There is no doubt that picking your favorite frames is the most time-consuming part of buying prescription glasses. You need to take into account the frame size and shape.
Frame shape: the suitable frame will compliment your characteristics while the wrong ones may magnify your flaws. And there are many shapes you can choose- cat eye, aviator, heart shape and so on. You can select it according to your face shape.
Frame size: as we all know, narrow frames make your face look wider, on the contrary, wide frames make your face look narrower. So it is important for you to figure out the appropriate size. Therefore, it will be easier if you have the old one because you can see the measurements on the temple arm.
Step 3: Enter your prescription
You need to fill in the prescription once you have selected the frames and the lenses.You will need to specify the degree of the left and right eyes as well as the pupillary distance and if you have astigmatism, the axis is required.
Step 4: Customize your lens
It is time to choose the lens if you have already selected your frames. You have multiple choices when it comes to choosing lenses. For example, you can order the anti-blue light lenses if you spend a lot of time on the digital screens. Also, they have the choice of photochromic lenses and presbyopic lenses.
Step 5: Place your order
After finishing the process of picking glasses and lenses, you can use our coupons to place your order. We will take care of everything, and your new prescription glasses should arrive in a few days!

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