How to Choose Frame Color?

by Dr. Bright on Jan 28, 2022

How to Choose Frame Color?
As we all know, the color of the glasses is a critical component to your outlook. Therefore, learning how to pick the color of frames is the key to getting to know the kind of pair that will highlight your personalities. Read through our guide. We will give you advice which can make your features stand out.

Step1: Matching the color of frames to your eyes

The color of your eyes definitely has a significant meaning when choosing the color frames. Just read on to figure it out.
Brown eyes
Generally speaking, any color works well with brown eyes, you can choose a bold color like green and blue which contrast against brown. But if you don’t want to make a statement, it is another choice to pick the black or tortoise frame.
Blue eyes
Orange is a complementary color to blue and it will make your eyes pop. Also, the brown and tortoise can look great with blue eyes.
Green eyes
For a bold look, you can choose a red and purple frame when it comes to bringing a vibrant contrast. Moreover, the brown and gold frames also have the effect of striking effect.


Step2: Matching the color of frames to your hair

It is also necessary to choose frames according to hair color. A good color combination is the icing on the cake. The blue and black can match all hair for a conventional look and also can create a sophisticated, coordinated effect. The warm color of hair can match bronze, rose gold and dark brown frames while the cool color of frames can match floral and ivory tortoise.

Step3: Matching the frame color to your skin tones

The third factor is the skin tone, which can be separated into two categories: warm and cool. The warm skin tone goes well with red, brown, gold and tortoise while the cool skin tone pairs well with black, silver, gray and blue.
Choosing the glasses frame may not be as simple as you think, but you will have a lot of options following this guide. So just come to LVIOE to try a new frame color!

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