Tips About Choosing Rx Glasses Online

by BrightDr. on Jul 21, 2022

Tips About Choosing Rx Glasses Online
The process of getting prescription glasses: offline optometry and online purchase

Optometry: as a professional I strongly recommend that you must go to the offline hospital or regular opticians optometry. The accuracy of the degree of optometry has a certain impact on the damage to our eyes! The accuracy of the prescription degree knock is extremely important 1. need to obtain the parameters pupil distance, myopia, astigmatism, astigmatism axis position. The place of optometry should go to a regular eye hospital or a professional optician who has obtained a national license.

How to choose lenses: in terms of material: mainly glass (heavy | fragile | wear-resistant), resin (relatively light | not fragile | more wear-resistant), PC (very light | not fragile | not wear-resistant) spherical and aspheric aspheric more advanced, thinner and flatter, high degree of restoration, not easy to distort; refractive index (related to the thickness of the lens) the higher the myopia should choose a high refractive index, the thinner the lenses produced. The price will be more expensive. Anti-blue light glasses, office workers long-term exposure to computers and cell phones. It is recommended that you with anti-blue light glasses, can effectively isolate the harmful blue light, reduce the damage of these electronic products on our eyes so as to protect our eyes.

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