Important Facts Most People Ignore——Sunglasses Lens Color Matters!

by BrightDr. on Jun 29, 2022

Important Facts Most People Ignore——Sunglasses Lens Color Matters!

When people buy sunglasses, they usually only consider whether the style looks good. However, in reality, the color of sunglass lenses may be more important than the style. Different lens colors have different visual effects.

1, Gray lenses——Gray lenses absorb all color spectrum, only making vision darken without color difference, showing a natural and realistic feeling. It is a neutral color and the most suitable lens color at present.

2, Brown——Brown lenses can filter a lot of blue light, and improve the contrast and clarity of the perspective. If it is foggy or serious air pollution, it is good to wear brown lenses sunglasses.

3. Green lenses——Green lenses absorb light while maximizing the green spectrum reaching the eyes, so they have a cool and comfortable feeling and are suitable for people whose eyes are easily fatigued.

4. Blue-gray lenses——Similar in function to gray lenses, they are neutral lenses, but darker in color, with a higher absorption rate of visible light.

5, Silver lenses——With high-density mirror coating on the surface, silver lenses absorb and reflect more visible light, suitable for outdoor sports.

6, Yellow lenses——Strictly speaking, this lens does not belong to the sunglasses lenses, because it hardly reduces the visible light. But in the foggy or at dusk, yellow lenses can improve contrast and provide more accurate visual image, so also known as "night vision glasses". Some young people wear yellow lenses sunglasses as a decorative role.

7, Light blue, light pink and other lens colors are also more decorative than practical.

In summary, for practical purpose, the best choise is gray lenses, followed by green, blue gray, silver, brown, and finally some decorative colors.

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