Everything You Need To Know About Mg-Al Frame Eyewears

by BrightDr. on Jun 30, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Mg-Al Frame Eyewears
Aluminum-magnesium alloy frame itself is a metal material, which belongs to the metal eyeglass frames. Aluminum-magnesium alloy frame has the high brightness and texture , and also has the advantages of other frames,but they are lighter. They are also one of the materials widely used in composing frames.

The main element of aluminum-magnesium alloy is aluminum, and then add a small amount of magnesium or other metal to strengthen the hardness, so that the products can be made of a certain degree of hardness. Magnesium serve as the main added element, providing good corrosion resistance, also known as rust-proof aluminum alloy. Aluminum-magnesium alloy has a hard texture, low density, good heat dissipation, strong resistance to pressure, etc., which can make the product lighter and thinner, with anti-drop and electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation requirements. And the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is also very light, suitable for a variety of products.

  The characteristics of aluminum-magnesium alloy frame

1. Good glossiness and beautiful appearance. The quality of the metal determines the luster of the frame, and the silver-white magnesium-aluminum alloy shell can make the product more luxurious and beautiful.

2. Anti-corrosion, sweat resistance, not easy to fade. Aluminum-magnesium alloy in the air will generate a layer of dense oxide film, can make the frame has good corrosion resistance, but also more resistant to sweat, and does not fade.

3. Lightweight frame. Aluminum-magnesium alloy frame to Lv mainly, infiltration of a small amount of magnesium, and Lv itself is particularly light, the specific gravity of metal aluminum is 2.25g/cm3-2.75/cm3, about 1/4 of copper, stainless steel 1/3, so the aluminum-magnesium alloy frame has the characteristics of ultra-light.

4. Good compression resistance and high wear resistance. Itself is a metal material, so it also has some characteristics of metal, has the advantage of good resistance to pressure. Aluminum-magnesium alloy surface produces aluminum trioxide, the surface is very hard, the hardness is higher than white steel, good wear resistance.

5. Good electromagnetic wave shielding. The electromagnetic wave shielding performance of aluminum and magnesium alloy is better than the effect of electroplating shielding film on plastic, can eliminate the electroplating process of electromagnetic wave shielding film, with good electromagnetic wave protection performance.

6. Good processability. Can be processed into complex shapes, and not easy to break at low temperatures, this excellent processability makes aluminum-magnesium alloy eyeglass frame can do without welding joints design.

7. Safe and environment-friendly. After specially handled,  Aluminum-magnesium alloy are non-toxic, nickel-free and environmental protection. They can be used with recyclability and utilization.

8. Easy to paint. After oxidation treatment of aluminum and magnesium alloy surface will produce a dense microporous oxide layer, pigment penetration, you can achieve the required color.

9. The disadvantage is that magnesium-aluminum alloy is not particularly strong and wear-resistant, and the cost is higher, more expensive, molding is more difficult than ABS (need to use stamping or die-casting process).

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