How to measure eyewear frames

by BrightDr. on Mar 16, 2022

How to measure eyewear frames

Generally speaking, it is significant for you to find the right frame size when it comes to buying glasses. Also, it is trivial to get your frame measurements after following the guideline.


If you look at the temple of glasses, you will observe a couple of numbers that look like: 54 19 148. These three numbers mean the lens width, the bridge width and the temple length measured in millimeters.


The lens width:

It is the width of one lens measured at widest point which also was called “eye size”. The size of the lens depends on your preference and prescription.


The bridge width:

It is the distance of your lenses across your nose. Your nose will feel stress if the bridge is too tight while your glasses are easy to fall down if the bridge is too loose.


The temple length:

It is the length of the arm of glasses, including the bend. It usually ranges from 120 to 150.


Also, there is some information we need to pay attention to. For example, the frame width means the extent of the frame from the furthest point on either side. And the lens height is the vertical height of glasses at the widest point of the lens.


Therefore, you should use the size from a previous glasses frame that you have owned if you want to buy the new one.


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