How To Choose Sunglasses From A Chemical Point Of View?

by BrightDr. on Jul 19, 2022

How To Choose Sunglasses From A Chemical Point Of View?
Point 1: What material are the lenses of sunglasses made of?
There are mainly 3 kinds of lens materials, namely: resin sheet, glass sheet, nylon sheet.
Among them, resin sheet is subdivided into PC sheet, phenolic resin sheet and AC sheet, among these 3 kinds of resin sheet, phenolic resin sheet is the most used in sunglasses field. So the sunglasses industry refers to the resin sheet is: phenolic resin sheet.
Some friends will ask: 3 kinds of lens material, which one is the best?
When we buy sunglasses, the second point to look at is: are the lenses of sunglasses polarized?
Polarized lenses are better than non-polarized lenses because: polarized lenses are polarized and can block glare due to reflection, scattering and other reasons, and also have better UV protection.
Some friends will ask: how to identify whether the lens is polarized?
We put the lens of sunglasses to the sun, and then turn the sunglasses in all directions, if the color of the lens changes, it means that the lens is polarized lenses.
We buy sunglasses, to see the third point is: the color of the sunglasses lens some friends will ask: the 5 colors of the lens, which lens sunscreen effect is the best?
There are 5 main colors of lenses: teal, gray and black, green, red and blue.
In my opinion: the best lenses are the tan ones, followed by the black and gray ones. The last three colors of lenses are not conducive to sun protection and are not recommended.
When we buy sunglasses, the fourth point to note is: the frame material of sunglasses
Frame materials are mainly 3 kinds, namely: steel, titanium alloy, electroplated metal.
It is recommended that you buy fewer frames with electroplated metal, because such frames may cause skin allergies.
When we buy sunglasses, the 5th point to pay attention to is: what is the UV value of the lens to reach?
When we buy sunglasses, we must see if the lenses are marked with UV value to how much?
Do not buy: sunglasses that are not marked UV value. Usually, sunglasses with a UV value of 380 is enough, but I still recommend that priority be given to buying sunglasses with a UV value of 400.
Because: the UV value of the lens to 400, the sunglasses will be much better UV protection.
To sum up the above 5 points, we have to buy sunglasses when buying sunglasses: lens color brown, lens material resin, lens polarized, lens UV value of 400, frame for titanium sunglasses.

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