Why Color Of Photochromic Lens Matters?

by BrightDr. on Aug 05, 2022

Why Color Of Photochromic Lens Matters?
Summer is coming. The weather is hot. The sun is blinding. More and more customers choose photochromic glasses, but do you know how to choose photochromic lenses? Have you chosen the right photochromic lenses?

First of all, what are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses are also known as "color-changing lenses". According to the principle of reversible reaction of photochromic, the lenses can quickly darken under light and UV light, blocking strong light and absorbing UV light, neutral absorption of visible light; back into the room, they can quickly return to the colorless and transparent state, ensuring the translucency of the lenses. So the color-changing lenses are suitable for indoor and outdoor purpose at the same time, to prevent the sun, ultraviolet light, glare on the eyes.

I. Colors of photochromic lenses

Color-changing lenses are generally divided into three colors: gray, tea, green, commonly used for gray and tea.

1, Gray lenses. Gray lenses can absorb infrared light and 98% of ultraviolet light. through the gray lens to see objects, they will not change the color of the object itself, just feel the color darkened, effectively reducing the intensity of light, feel more real natural.
2, Brown lenses: Brown lenses can absorb 100% of ultraviolet light, filter blue light, and improve visual contrast and clarity with the effect of brightening. They are suitable for wearing in serious air pollution or foggy conditions, as an ideal choice for drivers.

3. Green lenses: Like gray lenses, they can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% of UV rays. While absorbing light, they maximize the amount of green light reaching the eyes, so they have a cool and comfortable feeling and are suitable for people whose eyes get tired easily.

In summer, when the weather is hot, the temperature is high and the light is strong, it is recommended to choose mainly gray or green lenses.

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