What Really Matters For Kids' Sunglasses

by BrightDr. on Jun 25, 2022

What Really Matters For Kids' Sunglasses
Don't think that buying your child a nice pair of sunglasses is enough! There is a lot that goes into putting sunglasses on your child. If you are not careful, your child's eyes could be damaged. You want to protect your children's eyes by wearing sunglasses rather than damaging their eyes.

1. Children should not wear sunglasses for long, and they should only wear shades in the strong sun.

2. Children should not wear sunglasses indoors as this will make big troubles to their eye development.

3. The lenses of children's sunglasses should preferably be made of resin, PC and other hard-wearing materials.

4. Pay attention to children's sunglasses lenses colour. Generally speaking, dark grey is the best lens colour as they cause the least colour distortion and have the best colour perception.

5. The frames of children's sunglasses should not be too large or too heavy. This provides adequate safety even if the child is playing with the sunglasses.

6. Maintain sunglasses in the same way as normal glasses. Cleaning, folding and storage should all be good habits.

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