Differences You Need To Know About Sunglasses Lenses Material

by BrightDr. on Jun 14, 2022

Differences You Need To Know About Sunglasses Lenses Material

1. PC lenses (polycarbonate lenses)
Strong, unbreakable, impact resistant, special designated lens material for sports glasses, higher price than acrylic lenses.

2. Glass lenses
Although slightly clearer than resin, they are heavy and easily broken (even with tempered glass).

3. Resin lenses
Resin is a phenolic structured chemical, characterized by: light weight, high temperature resistance, high impact resistance, and effective in blocking UV rays.

4. nylon lenses
Nylon is characterized by a very high elasticity, good optical quality, high impact resistance and is usually used as a protective item.

5. AC lenses (acrylic lenses)
With excellent toughness, light weight, very high light transmission, good at anti-fog.

6. Polarized lenses
Also known as Polaroid, its function is to accept light from only one direction; light from other directions are blocked. Using the principle of blinds, filter stray light so that we can see things more clearly. The principle of polarized lens is to filter out the harsh light from the direction of the sun shining on water, land or snow, etc. A special coating is added to the lens in the vertical direction, which is called polarized lens.
Its advantages: eliminates glare and is suitable for people who drive. Prevents UV rays and many kinds of harmful rays from the sun and prevents cataracts. Increase the color contrast, make the vision clearer and more natural, bring you a cool feeling. Super hard treatment of the mirror surface to increase the wear hardness of polarized lenses is higher. Polarized sunglasses lenses can absorb 99% of UV rays. With the function of anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, but also see the graphics implied in the visual image. Their toughness and impact resistance protects the eyes from damage. Wearing polarized sunglasses is especially suitable for fishing, driving, sailing, hunting, skiing and other outdoor activities.
In short, polarized sunglasses are comfortable to wear, having the advantage of changing the color of the object itself as little as possible, and see a realistic, natural scene without visual distortion and glare.

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