Advantages & Disadvantages Of Prescription Sunglasses

by BrightDr. on Jul 23, 2022

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Prescription Sunglasses

In hot weather, we generally like to wear sunglasses. If our eyes are nearsighted or farsighted, we need to wear prescription sunglasses, which belongs to the combination of myopic glasses and sunglasses, to solve the problems of myopic patients. But Rx sunglasses also have certain advantages and disadvantages.



The Rx sunglasses are beautiful and generous. They do not only solve the problem of myopic people to see objects blurred, but also solve the problem of ultraviolet radiation. They are also easy to carry and wear, which can let myopic patients clearly see the outside scenery and objects. They also can effectively avoid the direct exposure of ultraviolet light to the eyes. Especially in the hot summer when the sun is stronger, they can help protect the eyes from harmful light, reduce the burden on the eyes in bright light, to a certain extent can help avoid strong ultraviolet burns cornea, so as not to cause keratitis, resulting in other eye pathologies.


Sunglasses are generally flat design. If you wear them indoor for a long time, the lack of light will cause some damage to the eyes. If you do not wear prescription sunglasses. you can not see objects, which is not conducive to myopic patients in their daily lives. And long time wearing will also increase the burden on the ears, damaging or squeezing the local skin, leaving a scar.

Whether it is myopic glasses, sunglasses or myopic sunglasses, there will be certain advantages and corresponding disadvantages. It is recommended to combine their own specific circumstances, a reasonable choice of products for their own, and go out to do a good job of sun protection and daily protection of the eyes.

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