4 Tips About How To Choose Your Reading Glasses

by BrightDr. on Aug 03, 2022

4 Tips About How To Choose Your Reading Glasses
1, Don't buy reading glasses casually. Reading glasses should be checked first. Long-term use of presbyopic glasses that do not fit your eye prescription can damage your vision, so do not buy them blindly. You should also understand the parameters of the prescription of your eyes and buy them under the guidance of a professional. After the glasses are made or purchased, the optical will adjust them to your face shape. Generally speaking, if the parameters are appropriate, you will feel very clear after wearing your new glasses.

  2. It is important to understand the functions of different types of presbyopic glasses. Single-vision glasses can only see near, and the presbyopic glasses that are often referred to in life are single-vision presbyopic glasses. Generally speaking, it has a single function and is often only suitable for looking at things at close range, and the price will be relatively cheap. The upper half of a bifocal lens is used to see far away and the lower half is used to see close, but there is a jump in vision with these presbyopes. Progressive multifocal lenses can meet the needs of different distance vision, and people with both myopia and presbyopia initially realize the effect of "multiple lenses and one wear". This kind of glasses have no certain visual difference, need to have strong adaptability, for the wearer's high requirements.

  3, Choose the right lens based on demand. Resin lens impact resistance is better, light weight, but the lens is not wear-resistant, not scratch-resistant; glass lenses wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, but impact resistance is poor. Presbyopic lens is not the smaller the better, if long time reading and work use, need to have enough vision, the height of the piece should meet the requirements of the upper and lower 30mm or more, the upper and lower 25mm within the narrow lens type is generally portable, temporary supplemental vision use. As the users of presbyopic glasses are middle-aged people, the face is full, the horizontal size of presbyopic glasses is generally 10mm larger than the optical frame, but the near pupil distance is 5mm smaller than the far pupil distance, to meet these two requirements at the same time, we have to use larger diameter lenses, the optical center in the production of a larger shift.

  4, Glasses Temples should be solid and durable. As the presbyopic lens use in the process of taking off the frequency of dozens of times higher than myopia, so the presbyopic lens parts must be made of strong or highly flexible materials, electroplating anti-corrosion and anti-scratch performance must be outstanding, the overall to ensure that within 2 years of use is not seriously deformed, no rust, no serious wear. Therefore, one should look at the elasticity of the frame, the elasticity of the frame is generally better quality; two to see the plating, metal frame plating layer is smooth and shiny, the frame quality is better; three to see the feel of the material, the production material is smooth, small and uniform frame quality is better; four to see the assembly of the structure, the components are closely assembled frame quality is better; five to see the overall appearance, the size and shape of the mirror ring must be exactly the same, and the nose bridge Symmetrical frame quality is better.

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