3 Reasons Why We Need Sunglasses: Summer, Winter, And Driving

by BrightDr. on Jul 28, 2022

3 Reasons Why We Need Sunglasses: Summer, Winter, And Driving
The price of sunglasses ranges from a few dozen dollars to several hundred dollars, leaving aside the brand factor, how much of a difference in quality between the various grades of sunglasses?

  First of all, we have to start with the use of sunglasses. Some people may wonder that sunglasses is just used for sun light protection. Indeed, this is only one of the major uses of sunglasses. In fact, the breakdown of sunglasses can be roughly summarized into three main uses. One type of use is for the summer. The main purpose is to block the sun's ultraviolet rays and some glare. The second is for winter use, specially in the snow, mainly to prevent snow blindness. The third purpose is to see better when driving or riding.

  Firstly, sunglasses are used for anti-glare in summer. In the strong daylight outdoor, we should focus on light weight, good ventilation, and moderate size of the sunglasses. At this time there are no special requirements for frame material, be it plastic or metal. And the best choice for the lens is polarized lenses. This kind of lens is very effective in dealing with glare.

  Secondly, sunglasses are used for winter. When the lenses should mainly cope with UV reflections from the snow to prevent snow blindness. There is a difference between reflected UV from snow and direct UV from sunlight. Snow is a diffuse reflection, so the light is not directional. Therefore, at this time you should try to choose large lenses, preferably with side shields, to wrap your eyes as completely as possible. And winter is not suitable for the choice of metal frame glasses, because when the temperature is particularly low, the metal may freeze the skin, staining off a layer of skin down.  
Thirdly, sunglasses are used for driving or cycling. When considering driving, we should pay special attention to three points, the first is that the sunglasses should not be too large. The first is that the lenses must be polarized lenses to prevent glare from the headlights of the opposite car, or strong reflections from the metal and glass of the building. The third is the lens color must be as light as possible, the light transmission must be good and effective because sunglasses can not obstruct the line of sight.

  When choosing sunglasses, you should also pay attention to the following aspects. The first is to be sure to choose a large brand of regular manufacturers of eyes. The eyes are very delicate and need special protection. Lenses from small lens quality is not up to scratch, may come with degrees or uneven refraction, it is easy to cause vision loss. Be sure to choose the sports brand sunglasses. The material of the lenses should be made of resin. Inevitably in sports bump and fall, if the lens material is not up to par, then it is easy to fall after the lens rupture injury to the eyes. Sports eyes are designed with impact resistance, so the lenses have special reinforced treatment. The first thing to look for in outdoor eyes is the brand, followed by the function and finally the style. Protect your eyes so we can have more fun.

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