3 Bad Habbit That May Damage Your Sunglasses

by BrightDr. on Jun 16, 2022

3 Bad Habbit That May Damage Your Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a must-have item for people in summer, when they go out to play and shop. Without sunglasses to block glare and filter UV rays, it is still very harmful to the eyes. However, many people have some bad habits that lead to the destruction of sunglasses.

1, Most peoole like to put sunglasses over the head, the collar or in the pocket. But it will make your sunglasses damaged by doing so.      

2, In order to save time, most people will put the sunglasses into the bag or pocket. However, it is easy to make sunglasses lenses scratched by keys or comb and other things.   

3, On hot days, some car owner may leave the sunglasses in the car dashboard, which may bring deformation to the sunnies, especially for the acetate frame sunglasses that are almost not heat-resistant. In addition, cosmetics or whole pine agent and other beauty products with chemical ingredients, may also make the frame discolored or deformed.

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